Value Stream Mapping


After this training, your participants will be able to:

  • Learn the basic concepts of Value Stream Mapping;  
  • Learn the applications of Value Stream Mapping across different situations/scenarios; 
  • Understand the steps to develop a Future State Map;  
  • Identifying key improvement areas through Value Stream Map; 
  • Learn the VSM and Lean improvement tools to improve your operations performance  

Important Notes:

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The goal of this program is to educate and coach your team on how to map and utilize the value stream map in their operations to plan out the organization operation excellence improvement strategically.  

Value Stream Mapping takes into account the entire Value Stream from customer order (all the information, communication and documentation flows) through to delivery of the product or service. This tool provides us with a wholistic picture of your operations and allows you to design a more effective Future State Implementation Plan.  

With an understanding of the Information/Communication flows and how they are connected (and/or overlap) to the operations and the customer’s processes, you are able to make total ‘system’ transformations as opposed to ‘point’ improvements. It also gives an accurate calculation of the true Customer Lead Time.  

Value Stream Mapping takes the complexity of your operations and transforms it into a simple, visual document. VSM is then used to analyze and develop the ‘right’ Kaizen Implementation Plan for your Future State. You will no longer optimize ‘points’ or concentrated areas. You will have an accurate understanding of the ‘whole’ and be able to predict the impact changes will have on the ‘system’.  

Who Should Attend?

Course Content

  • Understanding What Enterprise Value Stream Mapping (EVSM) Is
  • Planning Phase
  • Mapping the Current State Value Stream Map
  • Analyze Your Current State Map
  • Developing a Lean or Improved Value Stream
  • How to Utilize Your VSM to Improve Your Operations’ Performance